Most Popular PS3 Games Of All Time

Diablo 3

  • Release Date:Sep 3, 2013
  • Genre(s):Role-Playing
  • Rating: M

Review:Blizzard has done an amazing job in bringing Diablo 3 to consoles. The single player experience is fun and exciting. But the multiplayer feature is what takes the cake, whether they’re sitting next to you, or you’re playing online. This game is addictive and has the potential for 100’s hours of game play.


  • Release Date:Sep 24, 2013
  • Genre(s):Soccer
  • Rating: E

Review: The best soccer game out there. There are ton’s of realistic features, and much improved gameplay from FIFA 13. FIFA 14 is the most complete virtual soccer experience available today. You can play by yourself or use there multiplayer features. There is even a season mood and much more.

NBA 2K14

  • Release Date:Oct 1, 2013
  • Genre(s):Basketball
  • Rating: E

Review: For a lot of sports fan this game is consider to be the best sports game ever made. The graphic are outstanding second to none the players are extremely realistic. They say the defense has improved, and the game has become more challenging. They also added some new control feature with some solid game.

Grand Theft Auto 5

  • Release Date:Sep 17, 2013
  • Genre(s):Action Adventure
  • Rating: M

Review: GTA 5 is the game of the year by far. The storyline is fun and creative its like being involved in a movie. This game lives up to the its hype and blows it out of the water. The online play on this game is in a league of its own its packed with missions and mini games.